A doctor built the house in the 1960’s and though it was his home, he had a medical office with a separate entrance. After all these years, it is to once again to be used for healing. The room is perfect for Spiritual Directors to meet with others. Instead of physical healing, now it is for spiritual healing.

The retreat center is in Crescent Oklahoma, just north of Oklahoma City on Hefner Parkway/Highway 74. (25 minutes from Edmond Road and Hwy 74) It is situated in town at 319 W Jackson. Three blocks off the highway to the west. Look for yellow brick, a huge yard and perhaps flowers to greet everyone.

The intent is to offer God “first fruits”, something nice for those God is calling. A place to take a moment out of life to find peace, joy and an open heart. A place where someone with an open heart and listening ear is available. The facility can be reserved for meetings or retreats. Groups can reserve the house for their needs or individuals can come on their own for whatever amount of time they have available.

Everyone is always welcome to visit. Feel free to fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea. If the weather is beautiful and calls you outside, there are several places with comfortable seating. The location is very peaceful with few disruptions. If the weather prohibits a venture outdoors, the library and living room will be comfortable for anyone choosing to stay inside. There are three bedrooms available and two full baths. The kitchen is fully stocked with cooking supplies so meals can be prepared. Or if an advance notice is given, meals can be prepared ahead of your visit and be waiting for you.

The hope is that everyone will know that there is a place they are always welcome. A place where they can rest in the hand of God and know they are loved and cared for. Please come and spend some time.

Immediately upon entering The Healing House I felt the peace that comes from being in a prayer-filled space. That peace, for me, was the best part of being at The Healing House, but it was not the only wonderful thing about my experience there. The rooms are beautiful and comfortable, and there are many places to sit and pray, read, write, meditate or simply relax. The food prepared for our retreat was delicious, and being “unplugged” from the world for a couple of days was a blessing. I highly recommend The Healing House as a place to take care of your spirit. ~  Kelly Fanning