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One of the greatest compliments my children have ever paid me came around Christmas last year. We were playing a game whereby everyone wrote something they liked about each person in the room, put the slip of paper in a sack and when everyone was done, each person was given the sack full of everyone’s comments about them.

Each of my children-independently- wrote that I was a really good listener. In developing that grace as I have walked my own Spiritual path, I have been blessed many times over by encountering Jesus in many as I listened to their stories. In my church and among friends and “adopted” families,

I am often called “Momma Kay”, a term of affection and respect, I think, as I am always available for sharing and personal time. As I have walked my Spiritual path and been companioned by many wise mentors along the way, I have become more and more open to the graces the Lord gives us every day. One of the most useful gifts He has given me is helping others to discern the meaning and interpretation of their dreams and or visions.

I am retired, active in my church, and am blessed to have my 3 married children and 7 grandchildren living nearby.