When you asked me
If I would write for you,
I laughed, and answered,
“I don’t even write for myself,
I don’t write at all really,
I am just a vessel,
Poetry writes me,
And flows through me,
Endlessly, For all the world to see.”                        by Joe Adomvicia

I write because HE asks. 

I went to church but I couldn’t really believe in God.
The trouble was my mind was closed to the possibility.
I could not accept that there was something more to our existence.

Something impacting our lives that we can’t see or touch?
Most of all, I wanted to make my own choices
And not think they were wrong.
I killed God within me, all by myself.
Thomas, the Apostle, did not believe others.
They told him, “We have seen the Lord”!
But Thomas couldn’t accept truth. He said,
“Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hand
And put my finger into the nail marks and
Put my hand into his side, I will not believe.” John 20:25
God showed up and gave him the chance.
I always wanted proof like Thomas received. 
Didn’t really want to put my hands into terrible wounds…
That sounded a bit disgusting.
I had no understanding that my wounds; were His wounds.
As I lived with deceit and rejection and dishonesty
I WAS placing my hand into His nail marks.
When we least expected it, God will show up.
“Weeping comes for the night; but at dawn there will be rejoicing.” Psalm 30:6

When we are young,
We are put on the Merry-Go- Round
Told it is fun and exciting
Even if your stomach hurts
Or you are getting dizzy
The only way off is to let go.

Because that would be painful,
You hold on as best you can.

As an adult we no longer ride,
We become the ones who push.
Keeping the system spinning
Sometimes fast, other times slow
Though you may get exhausted
And want to walk away, you don’t
Someone is sure to yell
Keep Pushing!

It isn’t until you are so tired
And the Merry-Go- Round is no longer fun,
You’re finally ready to accept whatever comes….
Just stop pushing the Merry-Go- Round.
The initial dizziness keeps you spinning for awhile
But when the world finally slows down
Quietly sit on a bench to observe...
There is so much more to the playground!