In Remembrance

This month, at our church, we enter the names of all those we treasure
Who have gone on to heaven

We do this every November.
It's a time to cherish shared memories, give thanks for the love they gave,
and to rejoice that they now share each day with the Blessed Trinity
in a place we refer to as Heaven

But Christ also referred to heaven as eternal life.
How paradoxical that dying on earth means living forever in heaven!

It hurts when we miss someone so fully and deeply, but rarely can we fathom the depth and
breadth of anguish borne by those whose child leaves for heaven ahead of them

I believe it's possible that death was never intended to be part of the human experience;
that perhaps Christ wept at Lazarus's tomb, anguishing at the senseless tragedy
that brought death to God’s created

I know for certain
every parent wantingly conceiving a child commits to loving that precious life
for an entire lifetime - that parent’s whole life!

But for some,
a soul so recently conceived into human life returns almost as quickly to eternal life
at times, before their loving parents can embrace them for a single moment.

However brief or long their child's lifetime, their parents will miss them
until that moment the parents, too, return to heaven.

Tomorrow we will write the name of your infant in our book–the one that sits on the altar,
bearing the names of all we have loved and who live now in heaven;
and, we will remember the sacrifices you made to love deeply, and the grief you carry with you.

We pray that remembering helps to console,
that by the grace of God, our prayers act as a balm of Gilead for your hearts
and that always you will feel surrounded by our love.

We will also remember and pray with you that your hearts be comforted, your arms be filled,
and that you receive the faith-filled strength necessary to carry you through to eternal life,
where one day you will hold and love your precious infant once again.

November 2018 MJH